BMBOption offers traders a superb alternative when it comes to no-nonsense binary option trading because of how they approach this whole issue. Instead of looking to grab up some deposits and drop their traders like a hot potato – the way some other brokers out there do – these guys are focused on making their traders successful and keeping them around for as long as possible. Indeed, statistically, bmboption is the home of more successful traders than any of their competitors out there. If someone is serious about trading and about actually making money regularly through binary options, and he/she is indeed willing to invest some time and effort, bmboption is the top choice beyond the shadow of a doubt. The reputation of the operation is great and while they haven’t been around for long, as someone who is somewhat familiar with the inner workings of the company, I can tell you these people are dead -serious about what they do.

Broker Info

bmboption feature a relatively standard first deposit deal for their traders: they provide a 100% match deal on it, looking to boost bankrolls at the most critical point in their traders’ budding careers. The required minimum deposit at the site is $500, which is far from being the smallest in the industry, but it too – like every other aspect of the site – is geared towards trader success. When added up with the above said bonus, an $500 deposit means a minimum bankroll of $1,000 for every new trader. All that’s required from there is good bankroll management skills and willingness to learn and to apply trading concepts disseminated in a number of attractive packages by the operator.

As far as the bmboption trading platform is concerned, we are once again dealing with a rather standard package: there is nothing particularly attention-grabbing about the trading platform, but everything about it is exactly where it should be. The functionality is great and bmboption feature a number of trading tools which can be put to use directly in their trading interface. Nothing is ever more than a couple of clicks away and everything clicks quickly and flawlessly, something which is indeed extremely important for those thrill-seekers who prefer short-term options like 60-second trades. That brings us to the trade-types featured by bmboption: besides the above said 60-second options, they have pairs trading, One-touch trades and ladder options too, together with long-term trading for those who like to put a lot of thought into their decisions and who really want to give their trading systems a chance to work their magic.

The prediction of asset-price behavior is at the core of every such trading system, and bmboption have their traders covered in this respect as well. The site offers a sort of calculator, which is based on a number of well-regarded technical analysis techniques, like the Bollinger Bands, the Moving Average and the Relative Strength Index and which has quite an impressive track-record. Many traders swear by this tool and credit their success with its technical analysis prowess.

A certain category of traders will however tell you that the most important and useful feature of the operation is that all the above listed tools are available in a mobile format as well, so one can literally trade on the move with the site and never miss one beat.

Deposit/withdrawal Options and Support

This is where I believe there is a little room left for improvement at bmboption, but apparently they are already working on expanding the selection of their accepted deposit and withdrawal methods. Right now, they take bank transfers, a number of e-wallets as well as a standard selection of credit/debit cards, so everyone should still be able to deposit/withdraw without much hassle. Withdrawals are operated in a timely manner and there haven’t been any complaints in this regard yet. Withdrawal fees are only calculated for those who opt for the Starter account. All the other account types get the chance to make free withdrawals at least once a month.

The bmboption support staff is good. They are keen on helping out their customers and they’re efficient at what they do. Support can currently be reached through a number of email addresses (specific ones for various departments of the operation) and the replies are prompt and impressively fast. There is a toll-free phone number those looking for instant answers can call too, as well as a general email form.


bmbption is currently only available in English, although they are apparently working on translating everything into a number of other languages too. The site is available in German as well.


As a binary option trading destination, bmboption is second to none in my book and here’s why: not focused on unnecessary bells and whistles, the operation looks to educate traders every step of the way and as everywhere in life, education is the key to success here too. Besides the actual trading tools they feature, they have a superb video-library as well as an eBook one can grab and keep for future reference. In addition to all the above, the site also comes with a very flexible selection of account-types one can opt for upon registration, in order to best serve one’s needs. In this respect it has to be noted that one’s payouts increase the higher-tier account he/she opts for. The starter account for instance features an 80% payout, while the Pro exclusive one or the Premium Diamond account offers an 88% payout. The quality/extent of the above mentioned educational package is also dependant on one’s account-level. For all but the Starter account, one-on-one training is also available, as well as trading signals and access to a demo account.

In this respect, I recommend going beyond the starter account from the get-go, since one’s odds of becoming a profitable trader are radically increased with better access to education and a larger bankroll, not to mention some of the other perks which come with VIP/Mini Pro level accounts.

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