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The BTC/USD pair dropped during the night from Monday to Tuesday on news that Canadian Bitcoin exchange CAVIRTEX is about to close down operations during the next month.

BTC/USD pair dropped from around $237 level to even $232 level late on Monday on above-mentioned news. Currently the pair is trading at $233.913.

CAVIRTEX, the Calgary-based exchange, announced on Monday that it intends to stop its operations, stating about the risks that “the damage to the company’s reputation caused by the potential compromise will significantly harm our ability to continue to operate successfully.”

As this information could scare traders, company says in the statement that it keeps “100% reserves” and it is “solvent and remains in a position to accommodate all customer withdrawal requests received prior to March 25, 2015.”

Vice president of CAVIRTEX, Kyle Kemper said, that risks are related to hackers’ attacks a due to such danger this decision had to come as customers’ balances could be under sustained risk-pressure.

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