US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) released retail forex sector report on Wednesday, showing an asset-rise during the month of May.

Compared to the previous month, assets of forex dealers in retail sector rose 1.18% in May, according to CFTC. In total numbers, assets reached $568 million, rising from April’s $562 million.

Despite this increase, we have to take into account that this year saw relatively poor numbers compared to the previous one, while April was the lowest in clients’ assets, bringing questions about the retail sector in the United States in general.

Summer months are expected to bring lower volatility on markets, what can be reflected in lower assets reported by CFTC next three months, mostly for the month of July and August.

As for the major brokerage houses, Interactive Brokers showed the most impressive increase (11.64%) during the month of May. That correlates with a report from the company for the same month, showing also mostly positive numbers as clients’ portfolio equity hike, or increase in credit balances.

Another positive followers in May were GAIN Capital and Wedbush, both rising 2.43%. Well-known US broker FXCM added only 0.93%, confirming its report from May.

Among the major losers in CFTC report, RJ Obrian experienced a largest drop of 9.48%, followed by greater OANDA, declining 4.10% in May.

Nevertheless, the most important change still remains on the back of FXCM, OANDA and GAIN Capital (, making approximately 70% of this market sector.

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