Marketing industry is getting more and more challenging and competition is pushing the limits constantly higher and higher.

Each subject on this field has to show its creativity and ability to adapt to new and constantly changing conditions. AppsFlyer is one of the bright examples of this ability and CHECKus Media Group obtained its certification earlier in 2015 as it is permanently monitoring the market for brand new and popular features, which help the company to keep pace with market progress.

Why AppsFlyer?

This company has developed its proprietary NativeTrackTM technology to attribute app installs with last click attribution. It also opened offices all around the world after its success. On December 26, 2012, it became Facebook MMP and later also Twitter Official Partner. Now the platform is integrated with over 2000 ad networks like Yahoo, Google, Bing, iAd, Criteo, etc.

CHECKus Media Group CEO, Ladislav Kazan, saw this opportunity back earlier in 2015 as first company in CEE as another step for the marketing agency to strengthen its base in the CEE region and his company has become certified by AppsFlyer in relation to its platform. Thus the entity has added to its wide variety of services, provided on the online marketing field.

As the mobile marketing became more and more popular, such mobile measurement industry was only a matter of time with its first winners. Providing an unbiased and transparent attribution analytics together with keeping the data of clients private and secure, helps to gain the trust of such clients.

Naturally, the product is still experiencing improvements, creativity of its creators and permanent learning process.

AppsFlyer Raised $56M for the Measurement Innovation in the mobile area

The company has now achieved funding from new investors:

Qumra Capital, Goldman Sachs Private Capital Investing, Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners and Pitango Growth, and to our current investors – Eight Roads Ventures, Magma Ventures and Pitango Venture Partners.

As Oren Kaniel, CEO of AppsFlyer, stated:

  • We will remain unbiased and independent. This is why we selected financial investors with long-term vision.
  • Because we believe app usage data is one of the most important assets businesses have:
    • We work hard to protect our clients’ mobile app data; keeping it 100% private, safe and secure. This is why we maintain our SOC2 compliance.
    • We believe that our customer data belongs to our clients. We will never use it for targeting or profiling.
    • Every action we take should be in the interest of our clients, and never in conflict.
  • We will continue to explore new avenues for data-driven insights, including broader measurement capabilities and deeper, AI-driven insights and sophisticated analytics.
  • We will maintain AppsFlyer as an open platform, allowing 3rd party developers to add services on top of the AppsFlyer platform. Our partners can rest assured that we value our relationships and will continue to empower and support your businesses for the long road ahead.
  • AppsFlyer’s clients have a clear advantage in the market. We will continue to work hard to broaden the gap and make our clients even more successful.

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Therefore, the opportunities are lying ahead of you. So for further information, just write on or directly to the CEO Ladislav Kazan on