CME Group released its report for the month of April, showing an increase in volumes over the year, albeit lower as during the prevous month.

As the derivates marketplace informed, forex average daily volumes reached in total 838,000 contracts in April 2015, jumping by 50% from the previous year’s levels. An average daily notional value of forex contract reached $86 billion in April.

Nevertheless, March of this year saw even better results, touching 1,087,000 daily contracts in average during the month. This was 23% higher than current April contract volume.

As for respoective sectors, average energy volume of contracts a day reached 1,791,000 during the month of April 2015 (up 23% from previous year’s avg volume), while agricultural commodities contracts average per day touched 1,279,000 contracts (up 11% from April previous year) and metals volume touched in avg per day 324,000 contracts (up 1% from April 2014).

Nevertheless, equity indices showed a drop by 24% over the year from previous year’s avg daily volume of 2,751,000 contracts to actual 2,092,000, while interest rates volume averaged 5,126,000 per day, a 14% drop from avg daily volume of 5,976,000 during April 2014.

Even total daily volumes showed a drops of 6% from April 2014 to April 2015, from 12,218,000 to 11,450,000.

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