Greek concerns are constantly present on the market and we can feel it even in brokerage houses, reflecting the situation with changed margin requirements.

FxPro, a retail forex broker, regulated under FCA and CySEC, has informed its customers on the official website and via notice about its changed leverage, in connection to actual problems with Greece and relation to volatility on the market as a consequence.

According to the official information from FxPro, margin requirements have been increase to 2% (50:1 leverage) regarding the instruments, which could be hurt mostly by the referendum outcome and fears over Grexit. FxPro changed the leverage at all the euro currency pairs, G20 currency crosses, which could be hit either and precious metals, reflecting turbulence on the market after risk-off/risk-on sentiment boost.

All these new FxPro rules on leverage will be effective since today 12:00 (Friday РJuly 3, 2015) lasting till Monday (July 6, 2015) 02:00 (server time) unless otherwise advised by FxPro.

The same approach has been taken by Alpari, following last week’s warning about Greece and possible trading conditions change related to it.

The retail FX broker has informed on Thursday that it will react with changed margin requirements as well in the FX Special group with effectiveness from July 6, 2015. The mostly focused currency pairs, EUR/USD and EUR/JPY have been already added to this group on June 29, 2015 due to volatility.

The maximum leverage of Alpari’s account on¬†standard.mt4 and ecn.nt4 remains 1:1000 but will be applied to trading positions only with a lower notional value. If the notional value is over $10 million, the leverage is now 25:1 and from July 6th such leverage will be applied to positions with notional value of more than $5 million as well.

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