IBM opened a new incubator, which will provide space for activity for 5 thousand computer scientists to work on prototypes with the use of the company’s blockchain and Watson AI tools for businesses in the Asian-Pacific region. The name of the incubator is the Watson Centre, located at Marina Bay in Singapore

The incubator will also house Singapore’s IBM Garage, focused on building blockchain apps through the company’s Open Standards tools in the Asian economic center.

As Randy Walker, IBM Asia Pacific’s chairman and CEO, told about the operation in an official statement:

“Watson and blockchain are two technologies that will rapidly change the way we live and work, and our clients in Asia Pacific are eager to lead the way in envisioning and creating that future.”

The IBM Garage is a program, that remains part of the company’s Global Entrepreneur program. It was initiated in 2010, with its major goal to help startups build distributed ledger applications using the IBM Cloud.

As we have mentioned at the beginning, this new center opening happens at the same time as the US-based company becomes active in exploration of blockchain and trying to take advantage of this new technology.

The company started its works related to the emerging technology even back in the year 2015. That time the company joined the Hyperledger open-source blockchain project to start working on a cross-industry distributed ledger solution. As a consequence of higher activity in this area, at the beginning of 2016, IBM CTO Chris Ferris was appointed as a project chief for Hyperledger.

By February, IBM blockchain director John Wolpert informed that the company was “all in on blockchain” at his press conference in San Francisco, and in March, the company was already working to merge AI with blockchain.

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