We could see a continuing trend of sport sponsorship over the last years with increasing trend now. Besides the most popular soccer, we could see also a rugby, cricket or the latest interesting one – polo. The FCA regulated broker ICM Capital has just become an official sponsor of the polo team of England. We will see company’s logo at Chestertons Polo in the Park 2016.

As being an official sponsor, logo of the broker ICM Capital is about to be placed on the front side of all Team England polo shirts, as the main sponsor of the national team for the year 2016.

Director at ICM Capital, Shoaib Abedi, stated:

“We’re very proud to be the Official Sponsors of the England Polo Team with our logo on the front of their shirt. We work closely with our partners to develop long-term sustainable relationships and feel our brand is perfectly aligned with the sport of polo. The England Polo team has immense prosperity and power and we’re excited to be part of that this summer.”

David Woodd, CEO of Hurlingham Polo Association, added:

“The ICM Capital England Team are really looking forward to representing their country at Chestertons Polo in the Park in what is bound to be an extremely exciting match on June 3rd.”

The national team will play its first match against AwakeConBal Team South Africa during the upcoming Chestertons Polo in Hurlingham Park in Fulham, London. It will be called ICM Capital Team England now, coming up this Friday in London.

During the previous year, ICM Capital signed a soccer sponsorship with Nottingham Forest. The company sees this step as a natural progression to the firm’s global branding strategy, related to sport sponsorships. We are keen on to see which team is the ICM Capital about to pick next year.

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