liberstad, bitcoin
liberstad, bitcoin

A project in rural Norway, Liberstad, aims to create a private, tax-free city for libertarians who respect the non-aggression principle and private property rights. Holding a presale now, the project’s organizers accept bitcoin for land and plan to make it the city’s primary currency.

John Holmesland, the general manager of the company that operates Liberstad, explained that he and his team started looking at properties for Liberstad in August 2015 and found Tjelland Farm with the appropriate “size, location, internet and electrical connection, water supply, good construction ground, and no permanent residents on the surrounding properties”, he told An agreement was made to rent this property until May 19 to give them time to sell at least 15 hectares of plots, then buy the property for 5 million Norwegian kroner.

Initially, the team aims to “create a completely private city where all land is privately owned, and all the public services are provided by private actors through voluntary means”.

In Liberstad, basic city services such as kindergartens, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, private security service, garbage collection, arbitrary courts, and insurance companies will be provided “on the internal market or through voluntary organisations free from any tax, force or coercion”, he described.

There have been over 500 inquiries and at least 120 people have placed an order, Holmesland revealed. From this group, 63 people have paid the deposit so far.

Moreover, residents can use “whatever medium of exchange they want, except for national currencies”.

“We use Bitpay for all our Bitcoin transactions. We will also advise all other businesses in Liberstad to do the same”, Holmesland said. In addition, Liberstad Drift AS plans to give discounts to customers paying with bitcoin for all of its services once Liberstad is up and running. This is to encourage people to start using bitcoin.

“We also plan to use blockchain technology as a registration system for contracts, property deeds, IDs and more”, he revealed. Moreover, the team contemplates establishing their own local currency for the internal market that is backed or tied to bitcoin, so that transactions are faster and cheaper.

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