Global markets changing all the time…brokers facing growing operational costs as well as new and more strict regulation – it all leads to finding an easier way – to outsource the activities to cheaper countries. Due to the human resources potential, he most popular destinations for outsourcing are still in the Eastern Europe.

This is a fact also for the online trading industry as it is a very international affair. Even small startup firms usually have footprints in multiple countries and established brokers can have a presence in every continent except for Antarctica.

Given this, the business has always been shifting from country to country as companies are exploring the best new locations. Recently, Eastern Europe is all the rage – offering an educated workforce with very competitive costs, and proximity to Western Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

The region is however very diversified, rapidly changing and can be hard to crack if you don’t already have experience working there. This is where Finance Magnates Intelligence Department’s new report comes in. With a complete breakdown of advantages, risks and outsourcing costs in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine, it will help you decide what makes the most financial sense for your business.

Bulgaria, for example, offers a more suitable legal environment for regulated European brokers as an EU member state. Macedonia is currently attracting many IT companies which hire local talent, leading to a shortage of available manpower. Moldova has a talent pool of many language speakers, allowing you to establish desks for Russian, Turkish and many other languages. And this is just a taste of all the knowledge offered by the report.

Helping you figure out personal costs for your new center in Eastern Europe, the report details thirteen different professions that you will need and the average salary you will need to pay them in each country.

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