Richard, Branson
Richard, Branson

Richard Branson’s private island in the Caribbean is prepared to host another blockchain-focused gathering from around the world.

Among the attendants of this year’s event is Marietje Schaake, the member of European Parliament who in March hosted an event with COALA (Coalition of Automated Legal Applications) and the Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Technologies at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) to explore the prospect of coding regulation into a blockchain. From the other guests, we can mention Laurent Lamothe, former prime minister of Haiti; Jim Newsome, ex-chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission; and Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO of bitcoin startup BitPesa.

The event on Branson’s island is being organized by bitcoin mining firm BitFury and event group Mai Tai.

Now in its second year, little has changed about the Blockchain Summit hosted on Branson’s Necker Island in spite of controversy around last year’s gathering. While some argued the group of attendees was elitist in nature, the mix of education and leisure has proved productive in more than one way, according to past attendees.

BitFury CEO Valery Vavilov described the proceedings in a very similar terms as last year, though with a few tweaks, noting in a statement:

“Our emphasis for this year’s gathering is to bring some of the world’s top thinkers from diverse backgrounds – civil society, [non-governmental organizations], business, technology, government – to this extremely special place known for free thinking and cutting edge innovation.”

From 3rd to 7th June, guests on the Branson island will attend panels focused on three major topis: financial technology, security and global change. Last year, the gathering was alleged from elitism and sexism, so this year more women are attending, while BitFury covered huge amount of the expenses.

Last year’s event started with the speech of economist Hernando de Soto about the use of blockchain for land titles culminated in April with a project by BitFury to develop a land registry program in the nation of Georgia. De Soto is now an advisor to BitFury.

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