The top global brand in binary options industry, SpotOption, has informed about the first integration of its fresh new platform – Spot+.

The major goal of this platform is to bring successful integration among all the SpotOption brands, increasing their efficiency, improving sales and the entire marketing, as well as retention activities. The platform’s success is based on longer behavioral study of already existing customers, showing some specific patterns, which the platform can take advantage of. Together with this factor, also sales employees are being monitored and their efficiency.

SpotOption has already approximately 250 labels using its platform, reaching the best know-how it can in this industry with the platform focusing on equipping operations for maximized conversion via automatic approach. Such automatization for operations includes features as QCenter, Communicator, Autodialer, Mailer Database, or Refer a friend. Thus is SpotOption able to markedly increase its efficiency on the field of sales or overall marketing, while with this it does not have to employ such a manpower. In simplified way, SpotOption will target broader market while spending less time for these actions, what can result in higher operating profit and confirming of its steady strong position on the binary options market.

The Chief Executive Officer of SpotOption, Ran Amiran said amid the launch of Spot+: “We’ve always prided ourselves on providing the complete solution, and all that was left for the operator to do is sales and marketing. However, sales and marketing plays too intricate a role in the success of the business to not be included in our solution. That’s why Spot+ is now the game changer, and truly the complete binary solution.”

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