Alpari RU is about to launch a wider project, where its trading servers will be placed on a new electronic communication network (ECN), the most modern solutions for online trading.

Thus the company is able to provide this benefit to 120,000 traders and traders using robots. new framework has improved stablity, mostly solving the problem of larger amount of high speed requests during respective events and adding to liquidity in this way.

“The New ECN Account is not just an ‘incremental improvement’ but will be a real groundbreaker for the market. In this instance there are a number of new innovations in the framework, the algorithms and technology which will lead to fundamental changes in the quality of trading. Our retail clients will, in reality, be able to trade according to the same conditions as professional traders in the world’s biggest banks and global market makers,” Boris Shilov, Alpari’s Director General stated.

“The next step in Alpari’s development has become the transition to high-tech trading. The company chose the technologies from AMTS Solutions, which were developed by former Alpari employees and which have demonstrated a high level of reliability and efficiency for a number of years now. I am convinced that we are now witnessing a true technological revolution. Future Alpari clients will be amazed by the speed and quality of their orders’ executions, whilst current clients will find it difficult to recognize the company” added MR. Rannev, the Director General of AMTS Solutions.

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