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Vantage FX

Vantage FX, a An Australian broker, regulated under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission has informed on Wednesday that due to possible higher volatility, related to Brexit worries, the broker has conducted a review of risk management policies surrounding “Brexit.”

Vantage FX has decided to implement a two stage adjustment to trading conditions due to the upcoming Brexit Referendum and risks connected to it:

Vantage FX Brexit Margin Changes
Vantage FX informs, that it is aware of increased volatility risks during this period of global concerns about possible UK leave from the EU, like extreme jumps in prices of different pairs, mostly those related to GBP, possibility of markedly wider price gaps, what mean that stop losses may not be caught at the price the clients had set and liquidity issues which may result in slippage surrounding the vote.

Vantage FX informed that it is planning to go back to its normal margin requirements after the vote and it will watch these events closely and keep our clients updated. Common leverage at the brokerage is set up to 500:1, while during these phases it will be cut: phase 1 and 2 sees the reduction to 50:1 and 25:1 respectively.

FXPRIMUS widening its oil instruments trading

The CySEC regulated forex and CFD brokers FXPRIMUS has informed on Wednesday that it has launched new tradable instruments: Brent Crude Oil (UKOIL) and WTI (OIL), and Spot Oil, which is non-expiring (USOIL.sp & UKOIL.sp).

FXPRIMUS has already published its new “three pillar strategy” to provide SAFETY through EDUCATION and TECHNOLOGY, with a huge emphasis on the provision of the highest quality services and products to its clients.

Due to the volatility on commodities during the last two years and the popularity of oil instruments, FXPRIMUS chose to offer Brent crude and WTI crude to its clients as a new trading instrument.

Oil has become popular as the increased global supply has pulled prices lower, while the demand was hurt during the ongoing crisis. FXPRIMUS will offer CFDs and spot oil, without expiration.

Director & CEO of FXPRIMUS Terry Thompson stated:

Our decision to extend our range of tradable instruments evidences our determination to provide the most relevant products to our traders who are both interested in commodities and in diversifying their trading portfolio.

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