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Goldman Sachs, well-know and respected US financial giant, published its new survey about bitcoin use among US millennials.

This survey asked 752 respondents about their previous experiences with bitcoin (if they already used it) and about their plans, if they wish to do so.

From the asked group of respondents, 51% responded that they had never used bitcoin and do not intend to use it in the future either. 21% informed that they have already tried it for their payments or speculations and plan to use it again.

Moreover, 22% of respondents stated that they had no previous experiences with bitcoin but would like to use it in the future. The most sceptical group of 5% respondents answered on bitcoin that they have already used the cryptocurrency but do not wish to do it again.

As for the payment options, bitcoin wallets had relatively low level of trust, of less than 5% only trusting them, using specifically Coinbase and BitPay.

Goldman Sachs asked even about financial privacy. 34% of male respondents and 48% of female respondents answered that they are ‘not too bothered’ if their service is not directly affected.

22% answered that they were in favoru of sacrificing their privacy for security and 13% were even happy in this case to accept it, while 20% on the contrary were not interested in leaving their financial privacy and 11% said that they did not care as they believe that the government already sees their transactions.

Besides the survey, German-based gaming software developer Goodgame has informed that its users from the United States and Netherlands could now use bitcoin to pay for company’s products & services.

The head of Monetization & Payment, Oleg Savschouk, stated: “Our partnership with BitPay is an important step for us, and we are excited to be one of the few gaming companies that offer payments with bitcoins.”

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