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Olga Skorobogatova, The deputy chair of Central Bank of Russia, has informed the representatives of the banking industry that the entire sector may expect the blockchain technology to be embraced over the next two years. This followed central bank’s Governor Nabiullina’s speech on Thursday, related to the environment of the Russian banking sector as a whole.

Moreover, Skorobogatova told the representative that the central bank is expecting the blockchain techology to gain major role in finance as it is gaining attention in most of the globally-operating financial institutions.

The Deputy Governor Skorobogatova said:

“In 2017-2018, we will see real examples of the use of this system. As a closed system, I think, [the blockchain] is the future, and we need to prepare for it.”

But earlier in February, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s advisor has informed reporters that any acceptance of bitcoin could consitute a crime, what relatively disappointed bitcoin fans in the world’s largest country. Nevertheless, this seems to be only proclamative, as the country has loads of bitcoin active fans and at the same time, private businesses in Russia have begun exploring applications of the blockchain technology, with payments firm Qiwi going as far as declaring its intention to issue its own kind of cryptocurrency.

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