KCG, an US-based brokerage house, has published an operational metrics for the month of January on Friday, reaching an increase in trading volumes and taking advantage of the higher volatility of the first month of 2016.

KCG average trading dollar volume reached $36.2 billion, while the trading volume of equities reached 4.9 billion and of US equities reached 4.7 million trades per day.

From the Global Execution Services point of view, the KCG reached:

KCG Institutional Equities reached an average of 296.8 million U.S. equity shares trading volume a day, while the KCG BondPoint averaged $176.7 million fixed income par value traded per day

Alltogether, the consolidated U.S. equity volume averaged $349.7 billion in dollar volume and 9.3 billion shares traded per day in January, while the realized volatility for the S&P 500 was 24.5.

GMO Click in Positive Territory as well

GMO Click Holdings Inc, the parent company of the well-known Japanese online trading brokerage house GMO Click Securities, informed on Friday about its preliminary financial metrics for January 2016.

GMO showed an increase in revenues, continuing in a trend from December 2015, when the brokes reached in operating revenues a month-on-month rise of 24%.

GMO Click reported operating revenues of ¥2.67 billion ($23.9 million) during the first month of this year, what posted a 5.5% higher reading than the previous on of ¥2.53 billion seen in December 2015.

GMO Click Securities have experienced an incredibly successful month of January, getting into the row of other brokers, who took advantage of it, in terms of trading activity.

The broker registered OTC Forex volumes of ¥123.42 trillion, up 59.3% compared to December 2015, whereas the number of contracts traded on Click365, the on-exchange FX margin trading service, amounted to 659,498, up 29.1% from December 2015 levels.

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