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Publish cheap services and people will fly to you – Southwest Airlines used this trick to lure more customers and the resul was – overwhelmed website.

Southwest Airlines informed about summer sale of one-way fares, reaching even $49 per traveler, what naturally became hit on the internet immediately and customers started the booking drama.

Nevertheless, optimism was calmed in a short time as the website started to fail when booking flights, providing boarding passes, etc.

Next one to handle this burden was the call centre of Southwest Airlines, attacked automatically after the website failure. As the spokesperson said for Bloomberg, “the response from customers taking advantage of our recent sale is creating website performance issues.”

Furthermore, company had to struggle with extremely high demand even on social media and informing them about the real situation.

As the sale was set end on Thursday night, customers afraid of not being successful in booking their ticket, were asking for an extension to Friday.

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