The bankruptcy trustee of globally-known bitcoing exchange MTGOX, Ltd. has informed about an adjusted deadline for bankruptcy claims. The deadline has been extended for another month so further creditors could file their claims officially.

New deadline of the bitcoin exchange has been set to July 29, 12pm JST (Tokyo time) from the previous one at May 29 (both this year). All the claims can be forwarded online via this form.

All this came after Japan-based MTGOX went bankrupt in 2014 and approximately 750,000 bitcoins were lost on one of the most popular bitcoin exchanges. Its parent entity Tibanne has to face now official claims of MTGOX’s clients.

If you miss even this deadline (July 29, 2015), there is nothing more to be done to your claims, unless the trustee extends the compensation claims deadline again. If you file your claim before the term, then you will be able to monitor it online at MTGOX or you can transfer your bankruptcy claim to another person.

The bankruptcy trustee is also intending to leave MTGOX bitcoin creditors to be able to make changes to their claims of various sorts, except for increase of the amount of asked money in their rightful claim. This will be related mostly to details like seat of the company, name, address, etc, what means that clients’ financial issues will not be changed in any way.

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