Israeli broker Plus500 has released its earnings for the first half of this year, showing an impressive jump in new clients, mostly related to the first quarter of this year.

This report confirms the previous ones, which we have already informed about, Q1 metrics and Q2 metrics. The difference is seen in first quarter showing stellar improvement, continuing from the previous year, while Q2 showed worse data, mostly related to lower volumes.

Let’s take a closer look on the data. Plus500’s revenues for the H1 2015 reached $127.0 million compared to the previous year’s H1 2014 $106.2 million.

As for the clients, even first quarter of 2015 reached acquisition of new customers (33,000) equally to the H1 2014, when Plus500 acquired 32,673. Over the entire H1 2015, the Israeli broker was able to lure 52,217 clients. Even active customers’ data saw incredible increase of nearly 50% from 67,232 during the first half of 2014 to 93,267 in H1 2015.

As Plus500 mentioned in its reports, this can be contributed to improved marketing mostly via online marketing tools and sponsorship of Atlético Madrid, now becoming the major official sponsor (you can read about it here).

The Israeli broker expects to invest to marketing and acquisition of clients even in the future to keep its position steady and stable. Nevertheless Plus500 Board now sees revenue for the year 2015 to be similar to that one reached in 2014, albeit is sees marings to go markedly lower.

First half of this year was significant also due to broker acquisition process as Teddy Sagi’s Playtech plans to buy Plus500 with already announced price of 400p a share and has already successful placing for raising capital for funds for the acquisition.

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